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Support our community!

The Shenandoah LGBTQ Center is committed to building an inclusive and affirming Shenandoah Valley where our LGBTQ+ community can thrive.


Your support will ensure that our community has the visibility, support, and access to resources and training that they need to live their most authentic lives.

Thank you so much for your support.




Consider joining our monthly Giving Clubs to support our long-term work in advocacy, forging and establishing long-term relationships with businesses, community partners, and other providers, and providing competency training and resources to build a more inclusive Shenandoah Valley.

Kitchen Improvement Fund
Our kitchen provides a generous space to gather as community, but we dream of increasing its impact by outfitting it as a teaching space for the cooking skills portion of our life skills programming. 

Trans Health Fund
This fund helps provide binders, tucking tape, and other needed items for those seeking a non-surgical way of altering their gender presentation. The fund exists especially for those for whom purchasing these items is a financial hardship.

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