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We want people who use Q Chat Space to feel safe, get support, and make friends. In order to make sure that happens, we need to have clear and mutually agreed upon ways to interact with each other. We ask every person who joins groups on Q Chat Space to agree that they will:

1.     Respect other’s identities and pronouns.

2.     Keep confidentiality – what’s shared here, stays here.

3.     Be here for support and try to stay positive.

4.     Welcome new ideas and different perspectives.

5.     Own up to and forgive mistakes.

Both facilitators and participants in groups are responsible for keeping these agreements. They are also responsible for courteously helping others understand when they might be doing something that doesn’t follow the agreements. Everyone needs to work together to build a respectful and trusting community.

We also want to be clear that Q Chat Space is here to support you, but the facilitators are not mental health professionals. And, while we won’t share the information you discuss in the group, there are a few exceptions to that. Q Chat Space facilitators have to report information shared in the group if you disclose that you want to hurt yourself or someone else, or if you share that abuse is happening.

Go to to check it out and see what groups are available this week.


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